Night Vision Eyes - Spy Camera for iPhone

Have you ever wanted to take a photo in low light conditions, without getting yourself noticed?

Due to complex mathematical algorithms Night Vision Eyes provides true residual light amplification in real-time for your iPhone and iPod touch without additional hardware.

The image is illuminated in real-time (without delay). You can also switch the residual light amplification mode to exposure mode for better quality. With an exposure time of up to one second you will be able to view the smallest details.

The luminance histogram, which no other Night Vision App on the iTunes Store offers, shows you the brightness level in real-time.

Zoom in inconspicuously using the 10x digital Live Zoom -
and shoot your photos.

For typical night vision effects, you've naturally got
many different color filters to choose from.

The most important functions are:

  • Three amplification modes
  • Up to 1 second exposure time
  • Residual light amplification
  • True low light enhancement
  • Real-time luminance histogram
  • Volume Up (+) Photo Capture
  • 10x digital live zoom
  • Tap to focus *
  • Color filters: green, red, blue, b/w, sepia, etc.
  • Take HD photos *
  • Landscape and portrait modes
  • Supports the front & back cameras *
  • Supports LED lights *
  • Supports EXIF-data
*) only on supported devices

Impress your friends, by catching a couple red-handed or by showing your impressive night time pictures.

A good camera and a powerful processor are required, to get the maximum picture quality.
All the screenshots listed were taken with an iPhone 4S and are genuine!

Night Vision Example

Please note that the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have no infrared amplifier, as found typically in standard night vision devices, as a result no pictures can be taken in total darkness; a minimal level of light is still required, which can be ascertained by the camera's sensors. The preview will also be delayed in exposure mode. In addition the camera must be held stable for exposure time.